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Wave Edibles: The Wonka of Washington

Hailing from San Diego, California, Nola Wyse started Wave Edibles bringing her chocolatier skills to the cannabis industry. Based in a small, cozy facility in Seattle, their products are now in over 90 shops and are becoming acknowledged as the best, sweet edibles in Washington. Wave began with an approach toward micro-dosed sweets but are now creating more 10mg singles and 100mg packs, due to an increased demand for larger doses.

wave edibles founder
Almost all edible producers are focused on production rather than quality, whereas Wave takes an opposite approach. Everything is small batch, using the best ingredients they can find. Due to handmade techniques and increased labor time, they aren’t able to pump out as many numbers than their larger, automated and mechanized competitors.

“No machines are used…Most people don’t know how to be a chocolatier, its kind of a dying art.”

The handcrafted, original recipes coupled with the teams chocolatier abilities teams approach is geared toward smaller batch, higher quality ingredients. The emphasis on quality is Wave’s first priority. They’ve taken a unique, stand-alone approach, firstly centered on “micro-dosing” with an average of 3.33mg THC per serving, followed by a 5mg and 10mg dosage per serving.

“Everything is pure, nothing artificial, nothing canned or processed…we use the best ingredients we can find, everything is handcrafted…Everything we do is filled with love.”

Their ingredients are literally sourced from all over the world, even their salt, used as a topping for caramels and other sweets, is hand harvested off the coast of Britanny, France. Due to the small team and labor-intensive methods, maximum output differs because of the time needed to make the handcrafted sweets.

As a rule, the chocolatiers must always perform a process called “tempering”, which cools the chocolate to a proper temperature, and also reduces “gleaning”, which is a white, sugary film that is left on chocolate that’s poorly tempered. After the tempering is performed, they then take the readied chocolate and apply it to their self-made caramel or other products like mint, peanuts, fudge truffle, Oreo cookies and more.

“We believe in our family that chocolate is very, very delicate… you can’t just mush it up, theres a delicate touch to it….If I’m having a bad day, I wont touch the chocolate, because i know it’s not going to turn out pretty and something will go amiss.”

Using different hand techniques, the sweets are hand-dipped and formed, then given the appropriate dosages. After that, they are swiftly packaged and delivered. The story of Wave is truly like a David vs Goliath tale. The direct competitors of Wave are much larger, completely mechanized and focus on production rather than quality. Wave itself has a mere 10 to 12 employees, but what they lack in size, they clearly make up for in quality.

wave edibles

Wave has taken a unique approach toward the medical benefits of cannabis, utilizing multiple dosages that are geared to meeting unique needs. Micro-dosing THC is becoming more popular for those not seeking “high” cannabis gives but still offers the medical benefits.

By offering an assortment of their edibles with micro-dosed THC, Wave opens the door for consumers who may be sensitive to THC and don’t want to commit to 10mg servings.

By offering both micro and standard dosed edibles, WAVE creates a standard for edible production that can’t be ignored. Producing the best edibles in i502 and with a price that can’t be ignored, Wave is quickly becoming the Wonka we all deserve.

Author: Rob Shadis