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Heylo Cannabis

Based in a former steel foundry in Sodo Seattle, Heylo was founded in 2017 — originally as Mother Earth Cannabis.  While brainstorming ideas for a new company name, someone shouted from the backroom to the owner, “Hey! Lo!” , and the companies name was born.  This small, quaint facility with about 12 employees, offers a unique commitment to the cannabis industry, processing high quality CO2 extract for consumers and edibles companies.

Transparency is Heylo’s contribution to the cannabis industry.  Even if you’re an average consumer, you can sign up for a tour.  The honesty of their crews work and the integrity of their starting material is always top priority.

“We want to make sure we honor the plant”

Heylo has a lot of rules for what they source their product for, including that they must be pesticide free growers.

heylo machines

Heylo’s equipment involves two extraction machines a Rotovap and some vacuum ovens for purging.  Because CO2 is the safest for processing, both for the extraction technicians as well for the end consumer.  Most of the CO2 is removed by the time the cartridges are fully processed. Depending on the temperature and pressure will pull off what we don’t want, we dump cannabis into the manifold.  Terpenes are very volatile and we don’t want them to run off so we reintroduce them during processing.

This usually takes about a week to process the flower into concentrate.  Because plants have fats and lipids and water, you have to pull that out.  We help evaporate the leftover water and CO2 and this helps it dewax the flower.  We then add another level of filtration that has a little pressure that separates the ewaxes.  A Rotovap removes the ethanol and then we reuse that ethanol to sanitize different things so we can be a zero waste facility.  We will reuse the ethanol until it is no longer at least 90+ proof.

“We have our own in-house testing and take our products very seriously.”

Heylo didnt like the plastic pucks for the PAX carts, so they developed a cardboard box instead.  The new packaging allows them to have a more inclusive range of terpenes displayed and temperature range.  Heylo also adds a Spotify playlist to their separate strains.

Heylo also produces topicals, such as sex lube and a lotion, balm & butter style.  Larger jars capture more cannabinoids and menthol is added for some relief.

“They must be pesticide-free.  When you hinale these pesticides we don’t believe that’s safe.  If we won’t smoke it, we won’t sell it.”

heylo testing
Heylo performs extra testing not required by the state and test similarly to a CA marketplace.  Heylo and Volume is half our busines and the other half is processing oil as a provider for edibles companies throughout the state.  Botanica Seattle (Spot, Moxeys Mints) and Wave (high quality chocolatier) and CPC are some examples of edibles companies whose THC oil is sourced from Heylo.

Heylo believes sourcing should have variety, high CBG , CBD and THC isn’t the only thing thats important to them.  They also believe that  sun-grown cannabis has the highest amount of terpenes based on it’s interaction from the environment.  However, they also source from growers who use sustainable methods like LED lights that place a smaller carbon footprint.

“Having that full-spectrum entourage with your body is what we’re looking for.  We know CBG is a mood lifter and anti depressant.  We’re interested in the strain chemistry and not just the THC.”

Author: Rob Shadis