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6 Tips for Enhancing Your Company Website

There’s no denying the rapidness in which technology advances. In the wake of the global pandemic many shoppers are bringing their buying power to the online marketplace. As companies look to increase their online presence it’s important to know how to do so in an effective manner. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of tips […] .... READ MORE

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Wave Edibles: The Wonka of Washington

Hailing from San Diego, California, Nola Wyse started Wave Edibles bringing her chocolatier skills to the cannabis industry. Based in a small, cozy facility in Seattle, their products are now in over 90 shops and are becoming acknowledged as the best, sweet edibles in Washington. Wave began with an approach toward micro-dosed sweets but are […] .... READ MORE

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Terpenes in Cannabis: What Are They?

Seeing more and more flavored tinctures, vaping oils, lotions, foods, and beverages but not sure what those flavors actually are or where they come from? No problem, you’ve come to the right place to learn about the smells, flavors, and types of terpenes. What Are Terpenes? Terpenes are chemical compounds found in many plants. Plants […] .... READ MORE