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Deep Dive Into Humulene

During last week’s terpene Tuesday we highlighted Humulene across our socials. Being one of the most popular terpenes found in cannabis, we felt it was important to let it have its time in the spotlight! However, a post just begins to scratch the surface as to what this terpene is capable of and all the […] .... READ MORE

Cannabis in the Upcoming Elections

The cannabis industry in recent years, has been one of the most rapidly growing industries out there. The known benefits cannabis offers to its consumers seems to be growing month by month, as does the number of consumers in general. Because of the growing popularity of cannabis, the push for legalization across the country is […] .... READ MORE

Cannabis and Exercise

Cannabis and Exercise: A Match Made in Heaven? It’s no secret that the quarantine and ensuing lockdown has ignited an increase in cannabis retail sales across the country. More cannabis is being consumed than ever before and people are determined to work on their exercise regimens as well. From online classes to outdoor activities exercise […] .... READ MORE