Peridot Blog

Rooted in Technology, Sprouted from Cannabis

Peridot, the gem itself, is a very rare find on the surface of the earth. Making it a very sought after and prized possession. Like the gem, that is what we strive to be with our company. Unlike all other cannabis tech softwares in the market, we are aiming to be the first educational all-in-one […] .... READ MORE

History of Cannabis

Today cannabis is used worldwide in many different cultures for many different purposes. That alone goes to show the extent of benefits that cannabis provides. However the purpose of cannabis in cultures has changed over time, as cannabis has been around for thousands of years! Along the way, the powerful plant has picked up various […] .... READ MORE

Deep Dive Into Humulene

During last week’s terpene Tuesday we highlighted Humulene across our socials. Being one of the most popular terpenes found in cannabis, we felt it was important to let it have its time in the spotlight! However, a post just begins to scratch the surface as to what this terpene is capable of and all the […] .... READ MORE